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The State of Colorado has published new rules effective January 1, 2021 that require licensees to document and test processes for Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) and Recalls, the first in the country. This follows several events raising concern with product quality and safety among both regulators and consumers, reinforcing the need for cannabis companies to have robust quality and compliance capabilities.

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"The session was very helpful and informative for me. I can genuinely say it was the most educational conference I have been on in a long time, TIME WELL SPENT!!!"

Director of Lab Operations, Apothecary Extracts

Why does quality matter?

  • According to the CDOR MED 2019 Annual Report — Final (May 1, 2020), 13% of medical cannabis flower and trim failed microbial testing due to concentrations of yeast and mold that were over the legal limit. For every 10,000 sq. ft. of cultivation canopy, that equates to >$1 million of failed product annually.
  • Several Canadian producers have issued voluntary recalls due to incorrect labeling and mold. In the most recent case, over 30,000 pre-rolls listed THC content as 1.09 mg/g when the correct value was 10.9 mg/g — a single error but repeated 30,000 times.
  • A 2019 study sponsored by Leafly found that of 47 CBD products purchased from a variety of sources, only 51% tested within +/- 20% of the labeled dosage. 23% had less, 15% had more, and 11% had no CBD detected.
  • In October 2019, the Denver Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE) issued a voluntary recall due to potentially unsafe levels of yeast and mold dating back to late April 2019. The recall involved 3 cultivation facilities, 11 manufacturing sites, and 144 dispensaries across the state.

The fact is even the best companies sometimes have quality challenges that require product to be withdrawn from the market(think Tylenol, Toyota gas pedals, and Merck’s Vioxx). Having the capability to quickly, effectively, and efficiently manage the process is critical — and it makes a difference in preserving your brand reputation and bottom-line.

Introducing Integrated CAPA

The GMP Collective in partnership with is offering a two-hour educational seminar specifically designed for Colorado licensees to be inspection ready by January 1, 2021. Based upon proven industry best practices and standards, we will provide an integrated model which will address the following (and many other) questions you should have:

  1. How will the new regulations affect my business? customers? suppliers? How do I manage risk?
  2. What new standard operating procedures and training will I need?
  3. How will I know the new process is not only compliant, but effective?
  4. What will it cost to comply, ongoing? Are there tools and approaches to make the process easier?
  5. How can I make this an investment as opposed to an expense, for both customer value and financial ROI?

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