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Has your cannabis business been affected by COVID? We want to hear from you!

March 20, 2020

We have teamed up with Quality Control Analytics and Joint Venture Co of Massachusetts and GMP Collective of Colorado are joining forces to ensure that the Cannabis Industry has a voice and remains protected during the COVID-19 pandemic and National State of Emergency. This is the first major, global economic challenge the legalized cannabis industry has had to face. According to an article in Bloomberg, “The economic fallout could include recessions in the U.S., euro-area and Japan, the slowest growth on record in China, and a total of $2.7 trillion in lost output—equivalent to the entire GDP of the U.K.” Instead of facing this challenge with fear, we are facing it head on collecting data and disseminating information to reduce impact of the pandemic.

Please support our industry by taking this brief Google survey here and consider forwarding it to other businesses in your network that may also be impacted. 

We are collecting this data for a few reasons:

  1. To analyze current trends and proactively cultivate solutions.
  2. To advocate for a relief fund on the state level. Taxes and license fees for
    cannabis industry collected by the state should be diverted to a “State of
    Emergency Relief Fund”.
  3. To mitigate business profit loss and protect consumer safety.
  4. To provide future solutions to reduce impact in future economic challenges.

We also seek to disseminate information:

  1. What protections can you claim to protect your business?
  2. What benefits are your employees entitled to?
  3. What are other industry leaders doing to protect the industry?
  4. What are other business leaders doing to protect their businesses?
  5. How do we best handle bottlenecks in the supply chain?

If you have any questions about this survey, don't hesitate to reach out to Ashley's team at QCA (

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