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The legality of D8-THC is going to continue to capture the industry’s attention

December 8, 2021

The legality of D8-THC is going to continue to capture the industry’s attention. But, what underpins the legality is the lack of regard for the safe production of the delta-8/the manner in which it is being produced. Said another way -- “Good Manufacturing Practices”. Working with ASTM International and the US Pharmacopeia, we supported the recent publication of their white papers on the issue. Read more here and here. But the consensus is loud and clear. The practices with which much of the industry is utilizing put consumers at risk.

There are many ways that businesses can rise up:

  • The universal symbol for intoxicating cannabinoids - The Doctors for Cannabis Regulations teamed up with the members of ASTM Intl Committee D37 to develop an industry consensus universal symbol. Consumers deserve to know whether or not the product could cause intoxicating effects and a universal symbol is a basic way producer can be transparent with their consumer base.
  • 3rd party certification - we can't expect the FDA to show up and provide any meaningful support beyond its typical 483 warning letters and recent statement. But, there are certification bodies that can assess your adherence to globally recognized Good Manufacturing Practices - such as ASTM’s Cannabis Certification Program.

As leaders developing these standards, working with industrial stakeholders daily, combined with decades of experience in the food, pharma, and natural products space - we can help you be on the right side of history in producing safe and effective products - regardless of their origin. Call us today!

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